Some quick info on smart domain buying for end users.


Update: In addition to global top 5 .biz, .com, .info, .net, .org; and country extensions (cctld's) .cn, .ru, .in, .eu. .de, .uk,.. we also recommend people to buy some of NewTLDS's, such as .vision, .media, .care, .club, .farm ; but we don't recommend .xyz, .wtf, .supply/.supplies, .bid, and we are unbiased on .land, .house, .condos, .town etc. Those we are unbiased about are things which sound good, but don't have a clear focus. An extension is like last a last name, not a middle name. When we talk about, this means, my site is abound nelson company, and it is a business (biz).

Why buy domain/s?

Building a web site, redirecting to an existing web site, email, investment, protecting a brand,..

Why buy a premium domain?

You don't have to. You can even build a web site on an IP. A quality domain is marketing advantage, credibility, reliability, trust, investment. Your customers/visitors will sense that you can't use such a quality domain and be dishonest, untrustworthy, unreliable at the same time.

Which domain extensions should be preferred?

Answer is on the image. Buy one or more of the five global unrestricted extensions, and the country code. For businesses serving several European countries we also recommend .eu. All others are probably not worth it for most businesses. Buy .com if it is cheap enough because it is artificially promoted and others are artifically ignored by the largest corporations.

I can buy a domain for $10, why pay thousands or millions?

All good domains are gone, and may only be available on the secondary market. If a long hard to spell/remember domain will be enough for you, there is no need to buy a premium domain. Premium .com's sell for millions, which is probably too much for you. Buying a premium .net if you are an ISP or nameserver, .org if you are a nonprofit organisation, .biz if you are a business, and .info if you provide information; for thousands of dollars can be a great investment, and that amount would probably be nothing compared to years of hosting, web design, and other management and marketing costs. Unlike cars, domains become more valuable when they are used; and this is more true for premium domains. Just the fact that people start typing in your domain to their browsers directly means more value on your domain.

How about .tv, .me, .to, .cc , .ws?

Although some domains with these extensions can sell for 5-6 figures, we don't recommend them because they represent small countries, and not television, etc, as mismarketed. You can lose your domain unexpectedly (because of high renewal cost, laws in that country, disapperance of the country,..). Stick to global unrestricted five; and your country extension (tld).

How about other global extensions?

.name, .aero, .museum, .mobi, .tel, .xxx, ... too specific, not unrestricted, not the best option for most site owners.

I have a nice two word .com domain which represent our business and works well at the moment. Should I still buy a non-com domain? For example I have, should I buy any other domain?

Not necessarily but sometimes it makes a lot of sense to buy another domain when you get a good deal. For example if is offered for a price you can easily afford, buy it, and redirect it to You can also do it in reverse order, move your site to and redirect to Then when you need money but you still want to keep your business, run it under and sell to someone who wants this domain, and doesn't want any domain other than .com. This story makes more sense with but probably you will never afford, or it will be too risky to buy. Dot-com is not superior to .biz in any sense (for example in seo sense) except that .com is almost made synonymous with internet by heavy marketing by Corporate America. If .biz was introduced first it would be the heavily marketed arrogant expensive tld.

Ok, I decided to buy What now?

You can: visit the domain.. check whois and send an email... search Sedo.

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Advice on choosing  the best domain extension

Should I buy a traffic domain?

Short answer: No, buy quality domains rather than traffic domains. Yes, traffic is money, and sustainable traffic is like cash printer. But still looking at traffic stats don't give any hints on true value of most domains. To analyze this matter further, let's look at where traffic may come from.

Type in: Natural type-in's. Some fraction of people looking for shoes may visit directly. is a million dollar worth domain; and this kind of traffic is not for you. Also if there is no real content on, there won't be many repeat visitors.

Typo's: You can get lots of traffic from , and turn that into cash.. But can you keep that domain? No, Google will take it from you. It is a fanciful trademark. How about : you can get some free traffic from this domain, but if you use it to make money from computer ads, you will lose that domain easily. If you don't , it won't convert well, and won't make much money.

Links from other sites: Those inbound links will drop gradually (or quickly). If there is content mismatch, conversion rate will be very low. If content matches, there might be a legal problem as mentioned above.

Search engines: Search engine traffic is linked to links pointing to the web site. Same problem as above.

In short "traffic domains" can rarely be useful. They are more for "spammers' (who don't plan to build a real site), than end users who will have repeat visitors, satisified customers. End users should buy quality credible remembrable spellable respectable domains rather than insisting on traffic. We emphasize this point because when you negotiate on buying a domain at Sedo, you will see an option to ask seller "send me traffic stats". This is nonsense. Value of domain doesn't come from traffic. End users will build their traffic themselves, and that traffic will work great. Another advantage of a great domain is, it will minimize leakage of traffic through typos. gets typo traffic from; but wouldn't lose any traffic to One thing that should be kept in mind is radio test. You advertise your domain as, people visit,, you advertise, people visit,,,..